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Volkswagen Bus Swedish Dishcloth

Lola Arts

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Replace up to 15 rolls of paper towels with a Swedish dishcloth! These durable cloths can be used for regular households chores, soaking up spills, and polishing furniture.

Swedish dishcloths are compostable/ biodegradable, so you can toss it in your compost pile when it's no longer usable. They disintegrate in about 4 weeks in the typical household compost pile!

These cloths can absorb spills 16 times its own weight.

Swedish Cloths can be washed up to 150+ times and will last for about 6 months.

Cloths can be used with water and most cleaners, but bleach is not recommended, as it may degrade the design.

Do not scrub with the printed side, or the print may wear off and/or transfer to the surface you are cleaning. If this happens, spray surface with cleaner and wipe with the other side of the dishcloth. 

Made of 70% cellulose fiber and 30% cotton.

Size is approximately 6.75" x 8."

To clean, place on top rack of dishwasher and wash in regular cycle, or you can put it in the washing machine with normal detergent. Do not put in the dryer: instead, lay it flat to dry.

For quick sanitizing, place wet cloth in microwave on high for 1 minute or boil for 1 minute.

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