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Lobster Rope Swings

Little Salty Rope

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This durable rope swing is handwoven with new, sturdy lobster rope and will provide hours of fun!

Made with rope designed to withstand years of use in the Northeast Atlantic lobstering industry, these swings are strong enough to hold children of all ages as well as adults.

The seat of the swing is approximately 8" x 26," but sizes may vary slightly due to the hand-crafted nature of the swing.

Each swing includes 15 feet of rope. Rope ends are cut and cauterized to prevent fraying.

Hanging Tips:

While securely typing the ropes to a tree branch is certainly an option, it is recommended to use two heavy-duty eye bolts and two heavy-duty S-hooks, available at any hardware store. (Hardware not included with swing). Begin by screwing the two eye bolts securely into sturdy branch, and then attach one end of each S-hook into each eye bolt. Use a hitch knot to tie each rope to tie each rope onto the other end of each S-hook.

Rope will wear over time depending on its location, use, and hanging method. As with any playground equipment, always inspect for wear and tear before each use. We are not responsible for the maintenance of your rope swing or for any injury that results in the unlikely event of rope breakage. As with all children's products, adult supervision is required.

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