LKB Pottery

LKB Pottery

Laura Beote knew she’d found her calling the moment her fingers touched clay for the first time. She had signed up for pottery classes in search of stress release—and she was instantly mesmerized by the process of transforming raw materials into useful, beautiful objects.

“I instantly fell in love with throwing on the wheel,” says Beote. “I love that every little movement matters so much, so you’re unable think about anything else. It offers this meditative experience.”

She set up a studio in her basement at her home in New Gloucester, and began handcrafting and painting mugs, experimenting with bright and dark glazes to create unique looks. After about three years, she began selling mugs to friends and family, even as she worked full-time at a doctor’s office.

When Beote had her son Silas three years ago, the potting wheel continued to serve as a refuge. Handcrafting her mugs offered the restorative time she needed to ease the stress that goes along with having a newborn. Beote quit her full-time job, launched LKB Pottery, and began selling her mugs on Etsy and at craft fairs. She treasures the meditative time that her work provides. The shapes and colors of her designs are inspired by the mountains and ocean and animal life that shape Maine’s landscape. And Beote loves sharing that beauty with others through her work.

“I love when people from out of state buy my Maine mugs because I know that when they drink out of them, they will be feeling a sense of nostalgia for Maine,” she says. “And locals will be reminded of how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place.”

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