North Country Wind Bells

North Country Wind Bells, Made in Maine

The haunting sounds of Maine bell buoys, by North Country Wind Bells, featured in our Good Things from Maine shop.

Inspiration can strike at any time. For Jim Davidson, the founder of North Country Wind Bells, the warning sound of a buoy bell made to prevent his lobsterboat from striking a navigational buoy gave him an idea. Hearing the beautiful and reassuring ringing of the bells wherever he hauled his lobster traps, he thought if he could capture these sounds, others might also enjoy them off the water. But replicating the tones of the bells was not easy.

Jim found that each bell he encountered had a unique sound. He recorded each bell and, after hours spent listening to the bells and manipulating pieces of steel, he finally produced his own interpretation of the buoy bell’s rings and gongs. He started with 6 wind bells; each an enchantingly similar sound to the buoy bells Jim would pass by while lobstering. Jim has since retired, but his daughter, Connie, and her partner, Paul, continue to share the echoes of the harbor with their handmade wind bells.

Translating Maine’s beauty of sea, lakes and nature into the designs of wind bells and the attached windcatchers represents the deep inspiration and love the family members and employees express through their work. — Connie Davidson

North Country Wind Bells has added many additional bells to their collection and continue to create new designs emulated after the beauty of Maine’s ocean, lakes, and forests. “Each one has its own lovely tones and design. All of the wind bells are made with recycled steel and are powder coated! The bells will play for many years to come, aging gracefully as time goes along,” said Connie.

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10 thoughts on “North Country Wind Bells

  1. Louis Waters says:

    Jimmy was a family friend since the 50’s. As a kid I rode with him in the snow plow. In the spring we would go see the new lams. We had and still have the Pemaquid bell. Jim and his wife were true examples of entrepreneurs

    • Avatar photo
      Betsy French says:

      Hi Ms. Butler!
      You will need to contact North Country Wind Bells at 877-930-5435 to see if they have an Eggemoggin Reach Light Buoy bell.
      Good luck in your search!
      Down East Enterprise

  2. PJ and DK Lynn says:

    We love our Maine Wind Chimes! My sister has had hers for about 20 years and last Christmas bought one for a frend’s new historic house in PA. I decided to contact them to find out if one could be sent to us in Auckland, NZ and yes it could. We are proud owners of an evergreen tree wind bell with a bird attachment and a black labrador. Our cockatiel of 20+ years had died Christmas week and then our 2nd black lab, Mac so they are remembrances of them and chime sweetly overlooking the Auckland harbour, city and mountains!!

  3. Gordon Smith says:

    I still have my wind bell chime of Camden and we got it about 30 years ago and I just rehung it in our back yard of our new house.
    Only needs a new piece that hangs down to catch the wind and makes the gong striker move. Do you have parts for this?.i would gladly buy it from you folks. Thanks!!!!…

    • Avatar photo
      Betsy French says:

      Hi Mr. Smith!
      You can contact North Country Wind Bells directly at 877-930-5435 to purchase a new windcatcher. They have several designs to choose from!
      May you have many more years of listening to your Camden wind bell!
      Down East Enterprise

  4. Jeff constantineau says:

    My son bought me one of your Ship’s bells when he was on vacation in Cape Cod. It did not have the wind catcher hanging on the bottom. Could please send me one? 518-744-6352 thanks

  5. Meg says:

    I bought your Portland Head Wind Bell several years ago and still love it every bit as much as when I bought it. Every time I hear it I pause in whatever I’m doing and reflect on Beautiful Maine. Thank you!

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