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Tröskö Design, Made in Maine

Tröskö Design’s Maine-made goods featured in our Good Things from Maine shop.

Solvejg Makaretz, the creative mind behind Tröskö Design, works to fill our homes with contemporary patterns, vibrant colors, bold graphics, and happiness. Her whimsical and playful collection of pillows, towels, scarves, and zippie bags makes that easy to do. “I really enjoy drawing designs and seeing them on useful products. I love hearing back from customers telling me how my designs brighten their day!” said Solvejg.

Solvejg starts most of her ideas as sketches on anything from napkins to graph paper. She then transfers her ideas to a graphic design program. From there, she either digitally prints or screen-prints her designs onto fabric. Solvejg aims to source as many of her materials from Maine as she can. She not only does all the designing, but also most of the sewing for her pieces. Her well-designed and cheerful pillows have even caught the eye of Martha Stewart, naming one of Solvejg’s pillows as a “Must Have” in our April 2017 issue.

Trosko Designs, Maine-made
Photographs by Carol Liscovitz.

“My inspiration comes from living on the beautiful coast of Maine and influences from my Scandinavian heritage. I’m happy to be part of the Maker Movement in Maine and hope to expand my product line as time goes by.”

Tröskö Design products can be found in a number of stores across Maine and Massachusetts, as well as at local fairs and in our online shop.

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