Dailey Woodworking

Dailey Woodworking, Maine-made gifts

“Like a lot of families here in Maine, we didn’t have a lot of money when I was growing up, so everything that we had, had to have a purpose.

It all started back in the spring of 2000 when Kim Dailey wanted to make a set of bunk beds for his daughters. “I had to teach myself how to use a wood lathe in order to turn the legs and spindles for the beds. I started turning pens for practice and I have been hooked on woodturning ever since,” said Dailey.

Based out of the little town of Carthage, Dailey has been working deep in the woods of western Maine for almost two decades. His shop is located in the basement of his home, where each piece is designed and crafted. “Everything that I make is turned by hand and by eye on a wood lathe. I love to add color to my work, and because of this, my products can be very vibrant.”

Dailey Woodworking, Maine-made gifts
Kim Dailey turning beads on a pepper mill.

The inspiration behind his work comes from his childhood. “Like a lot of families here in Maine, we didn’t have a lot of money when I was growing up, so everything that we had, had to have a purpose. The more something could do, the better,” he said. Dailey’s products are functional, yet beautiful. His pieces are high quality and are built to last. Because each piece is hand made, each product is unique. If you take the time to compare one piece to another, you can spot subtle differences in the wood and wood stains.

Dailey has spent his whole life immersed in the woods of Maine. He grew up hunting, fishing, and spending as much time as possible outside. So it’s only natural for Dailey to be working with what he grew up surrounded by, Maine woods. Nearly all of the wood used in his products is from Maine. It’s clear to see that Maine is more than just an address for Dailey. “All of our pens are named for some of my favorite places in Maine,” said Dailey, “and our mills are named for people that have helped me, in some way, while growing up here in Maine.”

Not only does Dailey promote the use of functional pieces, he also works to create as little waste as possible. Most wood turners can make 8 to 10 bowls per log, but Dailey uses curved cutters to take smaller bowls from the inside of his larger bowls. By doing this, he can make as many as 50 bowls per log. “I create more value per log and a lot less waste of our natural resources,” said Dailey.

Dailey’s products are shown and sold in craft shows all over Maine and as far as Illinois. His products are shipped all over the world and are now available to purchase in our Rockport shop and online.

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7 thoughts on “Dailey Woodworking

  1. NealK says:

    Gorgeous, beautiful, amazing. I just purchased the maple pizza cutter and an ornment. These are special to us because of my time growing up in Wilton and spending the past 15 summers on Webb Lake in Weld/Carthage, where these are made. Our dear friend Bonnie Yeaton, from Webb Lake, passed away this year and we will think of her when we use these hand-crafted items. Thank you.

    • Jeff Howland
      Jeff Howland says:

      Wow, Neal, thank you for sharing that memory with us. This hits to the heart of why we love working with Maine artisans. It’s not just a product, it’s part of someone’s life, and their customers become an extension of that, creating their own memories, as the product integrates into their lives.

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