Bold Coast Burns

Every day when I get in the water I am reminded how beautiful it is here and how important it is to preserve the species we have.

When he’s not in his studio, Dylan Stewart is most likely somewhere along the Maine coast, beneath the water, free diving and spearfishing, peeking in caves for cunner, or waiting for a school of pollock to pass by. The constant discoveries that come with exploring and connecting with the ocean are what excites him most in life, and this passion for the water, the underwater scenery and life in the Gulf of Maine, is what inspired him to start Bold Coast Burns. Watch the video below to learn more about how he creates this amazing marine art.


Marine life was the subject I wanted to work with but I was constantly told that this alone would not sustain a design career.

Dylan pursued graphic design in college, but didn’t quite find the balance he so craved as an artist. Then, after getting his hands on a wood-burning pen, he knew he’d found the right tool for his creativity to flow through. While he uses standard wood burning methods, over time he has developed his signature technique, using torches to create depth and texture in his wood creations.

Dylan brings several of his latest creations to the Down East Shop — Two Albacore Tuna, the Summer Flounder, and one Black Sea Bass which — all fish that can be found in New England waters. Each piece is burned into finish-grade birch ply with a resin finish on the front and a polyurethane on the back side.

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