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A&E Stoneworks, Maine-made home goods

A&E Stoneworks Maine-made housewares featured in our Good Things from Maine shop.

For years, Evan Hutchins held on to a large gray beach stone — something his father had found on the way to a job and left in the back of his truck. This quirky stone—shaped like a big loaf of bread— was a talisman of sorts. It connected Evan with the man he sorely missed, who had taught him how to be a stonemason, and passed away in 2009.

Then, on a whim one day, Evan took a diamond saw, and cut the slate into slices. Suddenly the cherished stone from his dad was transformed into coasters.

“This rock — something so simple — became something so special that we could use every day,” Alana says. “ And I immediately knew I wanted to make these for other people.”

A&E Stoneworks

A year later, Alana and Evan launched A&E Stoneworks, rendering a range of elegant housewares from slate, granite, and beach stones. Their ever-expanding collection includes clocks, coasters, and cheese boards carved in the shape of the State of Maine, and is a favorite bridal, shower, and housewarming gift for those who want to offer a gift that is iconically Maine.

Evan cuts each item free hand, using a stencil and a power saw—so each piece is slightly different, and a unique work of art.

In 2017, Alana quit her job as a pastry chef to operate A&E Stoneworks full time. Working from their home-based studio in Swanville in midcoast Maine, the husband-and-wife collaborate on a daily basis. Evan focuses on the cutting, Alana does all the prep and finishing work for each item—drilling holes, washing, oiling, adding hanging cords, laser etching, adding felt, tying on product tags etc. She also ships each order. Evan still operates the stonemasonry business his father started, so he juggles A&E Stoneworks even as he builds chimneys and fireplaces for customers around Maine.

Alana and Evan are inspired by Maine’s mountains, its rugged coastline, and the beauty that’s inherent in the stones they use. That includes the signature black and white granite from Frankfort, Maine to the black slate from Monson, Maine, the pinky tones of the Deer Isle granite, the green and mottled slate from Vermont, and red slate from New York that’s perfect for checker pieces and heart-shaped products.

“We keep our pieces simple,” Alana says, “to really let the beauty of each piece of stone shine through.”

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