The Rope Co.

The Rope Co.

Rustic Maine goods inspired by four generations of lobstering, craftsmanship, and fierce independence.

Growing up on the rocky shores of Down East Maine, Logan Rackliff was immersed in the strong family traditions of lobstering, craftsmanship, and fierce independence. Logan came from a long line of entrepreneurs who forged their livelihoods on the salty Atlantic. His great-great-grandfather was a steamboat captain. His grandfather and father each started companies that made rope lobstermen relied on to haul in their daily catch.

The Rope Co.And so it was only natural that while lobstering after college, Logan got the urge to start a rope company of his own. In the winter of 2013, from the tiny fishing village of Spruce Head, Logan and his wife Hannah launched The Rope Co. — a line of nautical doormats, placemats, keychains, and storage bins woven from the same rugged rope used by lobstermen all across the Eastern Seaboard.

“I always wanted to have a business in Maine, and create local jobs,” says Logan, who still lobsters aboard his boat, the F/V Captain Ron at every chance. “This felt like a great opportunity.”

The Rope Co.’s products are as practical as they are beautiful. The simple, sophisticated, timeless designs are made using neutral colored materials that are durable enough to withstand the rigors of saltwater fishing. They are easy to clean, resistant to mold and mildew, and made with UV protection so they don’t fade in the sun.

Featured as a “summer must-have” in Architectural Digest, customers from as far as Japan and Australia clamor for The Rope Co. to create more elegant designs that exemplify the rustic beauty of coastal Maine.

“We love Maine — it’s where our passion is,” Logan says, “and we want to share that with people who have a nostalgia for Maine too.”

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