Urning Their Keep

A Sullivan studio’s mammoth Maine-made all-weather garden containers are popping up in gardens across the country.

By Lucinda Ziesing
Photographed by Jason P. Smith

My directions to Lunaform, printed off the pottery studio’s website, warn, Persevere. It sure is remote. So I cross the bridge over Taunton Bay, just past Ellsworth, turn left at the Sullivan green, take a right on Track, bear left on Cedar, and at last I’m there, gazing up at a 1,450-pound, 5-foot-tall vessel cradled in a metal stand atop a column marking Lunaform’s driveway. The vase is so beautiful it takes my breath away.

Monumental Maine-made vessels like this one have been used in gardens and on terraces and patios for centuries. Traditionally made of clay, they might serve as focal points to circular flowerbeds or lend an air of enchantment to lush corners. Lunaform’s elegant pots, though, are unique in that they’re hand-built with steel-reinforced concrete and turned on a potter’s wheel. The company’s planters, urns, fountains, birdbaths, and custom garden pieces are integrated into private and public landscapes across the country. “It’s one of the most beautifully crafted, durable products out there,” says Birmingham, Alabama, architect Terry Slaughter, who installed dozens of Lunaform pots at Alys Beach, a luxury, new-urbanist, seaside community on the Florida panhandle. “When everything is brand new, Lunaform’s classicism brings a soulfulness.”

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